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Jul 25, 2010 8:00am EDT
of them. >>> the tension mounting between the u.s. and north korea. north korea is threatening to attack a u.s. military exercise. >>> we have those stories, plus how military kids are being paid back with fun in the sun in maryland this weekend, but they will be dealing with major heat along with humidity. it is already quite warm outside. will we see more dangerous temperatures today? good morning gwen. it's going to be another day melanie where the challenge will be to try to stay cool. let's take a look at what we did temperature wise yesterday. we broke record at all three airports. 101 at national and airport, 99 at dulles. these records setback from 23 years ago in 1987. right now at national airport, 79 degrees. humidity is up at 74%. so it's another day we'll have to deal with that. a very light northerly wind, that will soon change and some neighborhood temperatures ranging into the upper to mid-80s in some areas even. and we're going to continue to see that as the day and the morning does continue to wear on. and we d have a chance of storms this afternoon. we're keeping a clo
Jul 18, 2010 8:00am EDT
is impacting the continental u.s. and talk about possible cooldowns. >> thank you. >>> a 6.7 magnitude tremor hit before 7:00 in the bering sea, about 155 miles southwest of dutch harbor. which has a community of about 2,000 people. there was never a danger of a tsunami. there are in reports of any damage or injuries. a 5.0 quake shook anchorage ten days ago but cause nod damage there either. >>> scientists are still busy gathering information about the strongest quake on record to ever rock the d.c. region. this 3.6 earthquake centered in germantown area at 5:04 on friday but could be felt up to 150 miles away. it was followed by a 2.0 magnitude and scientists say there could be more to come but there is little chance of one that could cause major damage. >>> day four now since crews successfully sealed its broken oil well in the gulf and still no sign of any oil flowing from that cap. but tests are still ongoing. the trial run is set to end later today. ed that allen, the point man on the spill, decided after testing is complete crews will connect the pipes leading to ships on the surface.
Jul 4, 2010 8:00am EDT
is celebrating the 4th in bagdad. the vice president met with top u.s. military brass yesterday and also ran into a group of senators who are on a congressional visit to iraq. he had a brief chat with senators lindsey graham, john mccain and joe lieberman. >>> now to the latest on the oil spill in the gulf of mexico. the newest hope for a clean up is on the back of the a subcalled "the whale." and we have a closer look to save the beaches in florida. >> reporter: as the day wraps up on the eve of the 4th holiday on pensacola beach, the forecast is dismal. >> it's depressing. that's the reason the kids are so excited to come here every year is for the beach. >> reporter: epa administrators toured the beach as crews picked up tar balls. >> they are getting the bigger pieces and leaving the smaller pieces that you just can't get. >> reporter: and when asked if she would go in the water? >> no, i would not go into the water today. >> reporter: and bobby jindal is claiming washington has failed to deliver equipment needing to prevent oil from washing ashore. >> our message to the federal governme
Jul 11, 2010 8:00am EDT
be fired, they are not deported so they sometimes stay in the u.s. and purchase new false documents so they can work e obama took offi immigrations and customs enforcement or ice has issued $6.4 million in fines against firms that hire illegal immigrants. this compares to 500 audits of companies in 2008. the focus is on prosecuting and fining employers and not deporting workers comes to light as the president delivered his speech earlier this month on immigration reform, promising tough enforcement at the workplace and at the border and as the battle rages on between the federal government and arizona's new immigration law, including a lawsuit against arizona by the justice department. a spokesman for the immigration agency has said the goal of the employer audit is in his words to create a culture of compliance with immigration laws. one thing to know, ice leaves it up to companies to fire illegal workers but if they don't and they are caught, they face the risk of prosecution. in washington, julie kurtz, fox news. >>> still looking for the new gig. some say it all starts with a solid
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4